PhotoBioCure™ technology is based on biopolymers that turn from a sticky liquid into a flexible solids under the influence of UV radiation. This feature allows forming customized implants, adjusted to tissue defects, in situ in vivo. Importantly, the composition is biodegradable in the in vivo environment and eventually replaced by natural tissue.

An important competitive feature is the ability to inject of the material through small incision (like in laparoscopic techniques). At the same time, the high viscosity of our biomaterial eliminates the need for sutures, which can be technically challenging and time-consuming, especially within a minimally invasive procedure.

Our biomaterials can be also bioactive as they degrade within the in vivo environment in a controllable process, thus facilitating tissue regeneration.


PhotoBioCure™ is a platform technology with number of surgical applications in the scope of tissue regeneration. We are working on applications in hernia repair, cardiac procedures, orthopedics and several others.

We have proved full biocompatibility of our biomaterial and lack of hemolytic, toxic, pyrogenic, genotoxic and allergic effects in preclinical trials tests.

We are able to tailor the mechanical and degradation properties and incorporate functional additives.